Today after church I spent some time “readying.”

Readying for Cohen.  He is expected to join us in a mere ten days.  I cleared out a cupboard to make room for bottles and nipples and all manner of things we’ve not had around in years.  We moved Keaton’s dresser (now Cohen’s dresser) into the new  nursery and began loading it with the tons and tons of new and hand-me-down clothes we already have.  (Poor Keaton, her big-girl furniture is still on backorder and she’s still sleeping on the floor on her princess air mattress.)

I began wading through the gift bags still piled high from Sharaun’s showers, sorting and stowing what I could – diaper bag, baby toiletries, diapers, etc.  I took apart Keaton’s old infant carseat so we can give the insides a good washing, and I began cleaning Sharaun’s car a little before I full inherit it as my own.  Sitting here now at eleven o’clock and surveying the work, I feel a lot better.  Just small things I know, but small things that at least make me feel like I’m doing something.

Tonight Keaton came home from the first night of a five-night church program at her friend Mary Grace’s church.  Both girls seemed to have had an excellent time, and they hung out and played for a while after getting back.  After about twenty minutes of playtime, I heard what sounded like one of the girls coughing or choking.  Running back to see what was wrong I met Keaton in the hallway and she was telling me, “It was just me coughing, dad.”  She then turned and walked slowly towards the bathroom.  Before I could do anything, she was coughing and sputtering again and it all let loose.  After the first volley of vomit I was able to nudge her over the toilet bowl to catch the rest, and I stayed with her until she was done.  I got her in the bath and got the bathroom cleaned up while Sharaun said goodbye to our guests.  Poor thing has been throwing up pretty much every fifteen minutes since getting to bed – the last few just heaving, her stomach with nothing left to give; she’s resting with a large bowl at her side.

Her temperature is perfectly normal and we’re hoping it’s just something she ate


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