the angles are all wrong

Hate it.Good evening friends.  Hope things are well with you.  Here, they are just fine.

I got the air conditioning fixed after work this afternoon (for those don’t who read daily, or catch up sequentially, check yesterday’s entry for context).

After some quick lunchtime troubleshooting with a more knowledgeable friend, we deduced that the problem must be in the power to the furnace/handler in the attic.  What a coincidence!  The power to that unit is exactly where I’d tied into power for our new ceiling fan and not finished up the wiring to snuff.  So, after a sweltering trip into the attic around five o’clock where I did some test rewires (and got a nice 120V jolt because I flipped the breaker marked “AC” instead of the one marked “furnace”), the whole thing was up and running again.

Once running, I had a few hours of complacency where I left things in simply a better-connected version of what I had rigged before (albeit still not to code and therefore technically unsafe) and enjoyed the cool air flowing from our now-functioning vents.  Then, around 9:30pm I decided that if I didn’t finish the thing tonight I might never do it.

And that’s how I found myself at the local hardware megastore a mere fifteen minutes from the shuttering of the megadoors.  I picked up the necessary work boxes to finish the thing correctly, and reluctantly climbed back into the attic around ten o’clock.

I hate working in the attic.  You can’t put your weight in a comfortable place when you’re working in the rafters (tacking wire to board every sixteen inches or so), the angles are wrong and you have no leverage when you need to hammer because the space is so cramped, and it’s hot, stuffy, and itchy from all the insulation. Seriously, I’d rather work outside on a yard any day of the week then be shut up in that claustrophobic nightmare of a crawlspace.  You can have it.

But, it’s all working again… and for that I feel some small measure of accomplishment.

So, I wrote about working in the attic, went away from the computer intending to write something more interesting to close – and then lost all intent.  Sorry.  This is what you get.

Goodnight folks.

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