four paragraphs and i’ve said nothing

Foot, mouth.  Mouth, foot.  Make nice..
Me and Keeper are sittin’ right here on the couch, watching some Andy Griffith. Sharaun’s in the kitchen cooking up some grubons for tonight’s dinner. I was gonna work in the yard and do all sorts of productive things and whatnot, turns out all I did was fall asleep for about an hour. In case you were wondering, it’s the one where Andy gets picked as the judge for the Mayberry beauty pageant – and the whole town tries to influence him for one girl or another. Andy wisely picks the helpful older woman who’s spent so much time working on the pageant and gracefully avoids a sticky situation. It’s a non-Barney episode. I’m so done with this paragraph, I already forgot what it was about.

As an update to my freeware conversion entry, I’ve finally found some replacements for those last pieces of bootleg software on my system. Seems like DeepBurner is now working much better with my DVD drive – and is coming much closer to fully replacing Nero. Meanwhile, g4u is working as a Ghost replacement (even get “multicast” functionality by using WarFTP Server on Sharaun’s machine) and Qparted for Partition Magic. If I do take the plunge and fully uninstall Nero and Ghost, only MS Office will remain – and I have no qualms about buying Office or Windows… so I think I’m done here. And man… if only would get a solid Access replacement – I’d ditch it too.

Right now it’s about midnight, and I’m still up typing and junk. Actually, I’m perfecting the g4u backup method I was talking about from above. It’s nowhere near as dead-easy as using Ghost – but I think it’ll work out eventually, and the extra effort should be worth the “freeness.” About an hour ago I logged onto my work e-mail and sent a note to my immediate team stating I wouldn’t be in tomorrow morning. The infamous “working from home” message. I typically don’t do the “working from home” thing because I know what a crock it tends to be. But this time I really do need the quiet-time to go over my presentation a few times before presenting it to the masses for review. I’d just like to get it locked a bit more, y’know, a lil’ more polished, before I go in a present it. Anyway, I think I started writing about that to justify my being up so late or something… but I forgot.

I think maybe the Lord of Indie heard my grumblings about no new tunes yesterday. Oh, and Sara was kind enough to mention the Franz… which sadly, I’ve also worn out over the past month (but thanks for the tip). But two potentially good albums fell into my lap last night… the new Killers LP and an LP by the band Viva Voce. Both are now in the evaluation stage, and if I think I’ve got the next big thing here people – I’ll pass the info along.

So four paragraphs and I’ve said nothing. This blog needs some meat, what can I do? I was on my call this morning (oh yeah, it’s Thursday morning now), and I was giving a presentation to some people. I was using my cellphone since I had called into the meeting from home, and during my first few slides I got dropped off the meeting twice – right in the middle of speaking. Frustrated and embarrassed that I had to keep dialing into my own meeting, I moved locations in the house to get a better reception. Now, when the cellphone disconnects you – it gives you two short beeps to let you know your ass has been dropped. However, when the cellphone notifies you of another incoming call on call waiting – it also gives you two short beeps. So, I’m sitting here talking to my material after being dropped twice already and I get another call. Well, I don’t know it’s another call, and all I hear are the dreaded two short beeps. Thinking I’ve yet again been dropped and will have to apologize to my audience for the third time, I bark out a very angry and forceful “fuck!” Yes but remember folks, I really hadn’t been dropped at all. I was very much still on the meeting, in front of my audience, in the middle of a sentence. So, that was kinda cool… ugh.

Dave out.

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