yuppie vs. hippie

Damage.Dude, could we have an image that portrays sadness any better than this? I mean my God people, did you camp out next to this poor kid’s kin with your finger on the shutter ready to create a graven image the second this man’s heart breaks? You can see the combination of sleepless nights and pure agony in his red-rimmed eyes… and the whole thing comes to us in vivid Chromavision thanks to the well-meaning folks at the AP. I understand the motivation, it just sucks that this poor guy has to mourn his son on the front pages of millions of websites and newspapers. Sorry Mr. Sun-il.

Tonight my co-workers from Taiwan were in town, and my boss and I took them out for dinner. After dinner bossman headed home early and I took the boys out for some beers at a local bar. It was actually really cool, being the sole US “host.” Good “face time” and general “team-building.” Man, I sound like just another suit eh? Well whatever, I see that kinda think as a good chance to build up relationships that might get me somewhere someday. The more of the APAC brethren that know my name and enjoy hanging out with me, the more my name gets out as a good US host. Can’t hurt, right?

What’s happened to me?… so career-minded and self-motivated. The yuppie in me is in a constant battle with the hippie in me. Like those old cartoons where there’s a devil on Pluto’s left shoulder telling him to bite Goofy in the ass, and an angel on his right admonishing him to not. Except on my right shoulder there’s a twenty-something in a sweater-vest sitting on an Ikea sofa watching Moneyline with Lou Dobbs, and on my right shoulder there’s a patchouli-drenched, flannel-sporting, dreadlocked and unshaven mod sitting on a yoga mat in the grass at a MM&W or SCI show. Don’t get my Lou Dobbs or acronymed band references? Congrats, you’re neither yuppie nor hippie – and are most likely a square. Now back to your regularly scheduled romance-novel, MTV, and Top 40 radio please. Dang, sorry… got a little harsh there…

There’s been a serious lack of tunage lately… and I’m feeling the pain. I mean, the last stellar albums that graced my stereo are now becoming quite stale. One can only listen to Modest Mouse and Iron & Wine so many times before you just get tired. So lately I’ve been going back in time and revisiting some old favorites, hitting some old Death Cab, Decemberists, and Wrens for good measure. It’s not new, but it’s a constant… and sounds fresh to reminiscent ears. Hopefully someone will come out with a blow-away LP soon, because I’m getting worried that I’ve either lost my knack for finding the rad noise – or the scene is drying up, neither of which are good.

I missed a day of blogging again, I just end up running out of time. With all the recent holes in my one-a-day plan, I’m wondering if I’ll ever get back on task. I tend to do OK when things are slower at work – but as it is I just don’t feel like filling in the days with crappy crap. So I’m gonna keep on writing when I can write, instead of writing just to fill up a day. I mean, I need precious time to come up with stuff like the Ikea and Moneyline gags above… that shit doesn’t just write itself people.

I’m out of words, until whenever… Dave out.

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  1. Check out Franz Ferdinand (the band, not the political figure). I heard them whie I was in Kansas and loved them. I heard them on the radio here in Sac the other day, so apparently they are getting more mainstream. When I heard them, I thought they sounded like a band you´d like.

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