whew; not ghosts

Today I worked late.

When I got home Sharaun and Keaton weren’t there, having gone to a birthday party for one of Keaton’s friends.  I was alone.  I knew I would be, she’d called me earlier in the day to let me know.  In fact, I’d had it all planned.

First, I’d work a little late since there was nothing to go home to.  Next I’d sit down and watch the rest of The Haunting in Connecticut, a movie we’d recorded earlier in the week and only got halfway through.  While watching the movie I’d eat cold leftovers from the local Mexican joint, right out of the styrofoam boxes.  After that I’d eat the last few spoonfuls of cookies ‘n’ cream ice cream, right out of the container.  It was actually a nice hour or so of downtime.

And, right after the movie ended I was sitting on the couch reaching for my laptop.  In the background the credits from …Haunting rolled, scored by some super-creepy atmospheric music.  The house being quiet otherwise, I will admit I was a little on-edge.  Suddenly the doorbell rang out loudly, ring-ring-ringring!!  I didn’t quite jump, but I was startled.  Even more so when I went to the peephole and saw no one there.  I opened the door and stepped outside, expecting maybe to find a package or advertisement hung on the handle – but there was nothing.  I ranged a bit farther down the walk, still nothing.  I poked ahead a little more, to where I could see the driveway.  Finally I see Sharaun chatting with our neighbors, Keaton and her friend running around playing.

Whew.  Not ghosts.


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