A week off work is welcome.

We arrived yesterday in Southern California.  Stayed in a hotel and had dinner with local beer.  We woke early to dine on continental breakfast; although, technically, I think the eggs and bacon and biscuits and gravy actually disqualify it from being truly “continental.”  On the road again and through the bizarre California coastal geography: rocky mountains covered in eucalyptus and yucca that simply dead-end at the sea.

We made straight-away for the beach.  Got there early, the fog had yet to burn off but it wasn’t too cold.  The kids stood in the wash and dared the waves to come get them.  The waves rose to the challenge and eventually took out all three girls: Keaton and her friends.  A roller with force pitched them all into the surf.  Oh it was tears and shock for a minute, but the trauma was soon forgotten and they were back taunting the waves in no time.

Up early tomorrow to try and do the vacation workout routine.  I want to run on the beach but I hate running.


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