I woke from a dream early this morning and the words, “The moon is laughing at us,” were on my dream tongue.

I’m not sure what it meant in the dream, but it was curious enough that it kept me awake and I thought about it for a while in the waking world. Why would the moon be laughing at us?

I decided that the moon, up in the sky with such a great unobstructed balcony seat to the play of humanity, is laughing at us because it’s a comedy, or maybe a tragedy.

We’re toiling, we’re angry, were unfulfilled, we do the opposite of our hearts just like the silly characters in the dramas. From the moon’s perch the busyness on Earth is a grand choreography, a pantomime communicating our base desires for companionship and love & everything that gets in our way.

The moon sees the full story arc, including all the self sabotage along the way. And man, that’s worth a laugh.

Rubbish, but it’s going. Love.

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