a fitting homage

Two years gone by.Tuesday is here, and work is short this week.

Two blissfully short eight-hour days to go and then it’s off to the southern high-desert; a holy place.  You’ll find us celebrating our independence with friends in a little cabin on the floor caldera.  A fitting homage: watching fireworks from the bottom of a pit left by one of the largest volcanic events in the history of our tiny planet.

Sunday was a blistering hot day in California.  106° the weatherman said.  Hot enough to drive me back inside after only a few minutes working in the garage to hookup a new dual-zone speaker switch I got (so I can either the backyard speakers, the garage speakers, or both sets at once).  Hot enough that just standing around at 6pm as Keaton played in the park was causing the sweat to show through my salmon-colored polo.  I mean hot.

Even though today was better, it’s a good thing we got the AC fixed last week.

Friday night Sharaun and I dropped Keaton off with friends and made a date-night out of dinner and test-driving some of the top prospects in our new car hunt.  Right now, we’re pretty much bottomed-out on the GMC Acadia / Chevy Traverse – and I’ve moved into super-nerd pricing calculation phase on both, making sure we get the best combination of Obama’s stimulus, dealer incentives, and discount programs.

If I’m buying a new car, I want to steal a new car… the prospect of having car payment again after years without is daunting.  I hate debt, even the so-called “good” or “acceptable” kind.  So, if we’re taking on some financing for this vehicle, I want to make sure we can pay it off tout de suite.  I know I’ll pour cash at it, even at 0%… it just bugs me like that.

Anyway, the new car is close.

Tonight I finally took the time to box up all the old family photos I stole from my folks’ place last time we visited.  I’m sending them into a bulk photo-scanning service to get them all on a DVD for longevity (and just to have them, since the only copies, before the forthcoming, exist in my parents’ closet).  I paid for a bulk box, which I can fill to the brim with photos.  The hundreds I chose from the albums at my folks’ place filled the box about half-full, so Sharaun and I are going through a ton of her/our old photos and adding those to the mix.

When this DVD gets back… it’s gonna be a treasure trove… and oh how I bet there’ll be more than a few bits of blog fodder in there.  The goal is to send them off for processing before we leave for the extended weekend, and perhaps get them back sometime that next week.


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