like a switch flipped

Sunday night, home from an afternoon winetasting in Napa and Sharaun and I just rearranged the furniture to suit the new TV room.  Tomorrow the HDTV guy comes… so I’ll have fully jumped off this bridge after he leaves.  What’s interesting, our monthly bill actually went down by switching to an HD package.  I dunno.  I told Ben last week that my emotional state after dropping the dosh on the new TV was something like a 60/40 mixture of glee and doubt.  I mean, I love the thing, and I spent a lot of time researching it and all that… but it’s still a purchase a couple notches above size I deem “recreational.”  Anyway, let’s get a move on.

The news in our world this weekend is all about Keaton and potty training.  Sometime late Thursday, she just made up her mind that she’d be potty trained.  We were eating dinner with some friends, and she asked to use the potty four or five times, keeping her diaper dry the entire evening.  The next day, Sharaun IM’d me around 11am at work to inform me that she’d been wearing “big girl panties” since she woke up and hadn’t had a single accident.  And, amazingly, it’s been like that now since Thursday – no accidents and no diapers.  It’s like a switch flipped.  We’re hoping this is it, and are both pretty happy at how sudden it came about.

I’m looking forward to the abbreviated work week this week.  My folks come into town Thursday night and I plan to spend at least one day congregated around the grill cooking some meat and drinking some beer while Keaton plays in the sprinklers.  I think we’ll go down to the city to watch the fireworks.  Should be a good time.

Man, blogging from this couch in this new room is really messing up my routine.  This new arrangement is really gonna have to grow on me… so, until I get a little more comfortable – I’m outta here.  Catch you guys Tuesday, have a good Monday.

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