Still smiling.Hi online friends.

A little after 10pm and I’m just back from the gym.  Yeah, I’m still going.

The sawmill is playing Obama’s inauguration on the big screens tomorrow down in the cafe, and I’m gonna go truant on my meetings to sit and watch with a fresh cup of coffee and a banana.  My Mom said her work is showing the event too, and I know some government-related workers who are totally shut-down for the event.  And, while I think the news is overdoing the hype more than just a little but, I am anticipating witnessing an somewhat momentous event.  Kinda nice of the sawmills around the country to sponsor some time to watch it, yeah?

Oh, and for those who are curious – no, I don’t work at an actual sawmill.  Yes, I’ve been asked this before; it’s understandable.  I work at a big computer-type company, where I’m a manager of engineers.  I’m supposed to be an engineer myself, but I’m rusty having been in “management” for the past several years.  So yeah, I don’t work at an actual sawmill… I just like to abstract my real employer from my personal blog a bit.  Now you know.

Poor Keaton is sick.  And, having now been through almost three years of come-and-go colds and bugs, we’ve learned a few things about how our little girl usually suffers.  Here are my generalized observations (meaning more often than not, when she comes down with something, we’ll see the following):

  1. If she has a fever, it will come on very quick and rise very high just as quickly.  This girl gets fevers in a blink, and they almost always top out higher than you’d expect for just a little cold.  For instance, right now she’s just shivering on Mommy’s chest trying to break a fever that peaked around 103° just twenty minutes ago.  We can effectively keep these fevers down, cyclically, by dosing her with Motrin as often as the indications allow.  But it’s always an up and down thing.
  2. If she has a fever, she’ll be wheezy and have a hacking cough.  The doctor has told us she exhibits signs of “virus-induced asthma/wheezing.”  Apparently it’s a childhood thing, though, and often dissipates with age.  (What is it with my bloodline and strange temporary randomthing-induced maladies?)  And, like my childhood asthma did me, I hope hers leaves her sooner rather than later.
  3. Her reaction to everything but the highest points of her fevers is to roll right on like nothing’s wrong.  We have to encourage her to take breaks and rest when she’s sick, or she’d continue to run around and play as if nothing was wrong.  What makes this sad is when she’s really sacked-out by sickness (like today) and really only wants to be held.  Poor thing.

We’re keeping our eyes on her and keeping her quiet and full of fluids… and will seek Mr. Doctor should things continue.  But, for now she’s recovering solo at home with Sharaun, and we’re both warding off the virus with index-finger crucifixes and necklaces fashioned from garlic bulbs.  Wish us, all three, luck.

Goodnight y’allz.

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