i should be able to pull it off

Happy Wednesday already internet.

I don’t know where this week is going, but I’d like to change the posted speed limit or at least get it to pay attention or something.  I need just a few more than five days this time to get things done but I’m somewhat unwilling to give of my personal time just yet.  Oh that day will come, each project at the sawmill exacts its slow-times revenge with requisite after-hours work at some point… I’m just not ready to yield even bits of my evenings quite yet.

I didn’t have a lot of options this morning.  The laundry situation was dire.  I don’t say this as a marital indictment, our recent travel is to blame.  Feeling creative, I set about scavenging an outfit.  After assembly and a quick mirror test I walked into the house proper where Sharaun was busily preparing breakfast for Keaton and coffee for herself (that’s allowed with a baby in-progress, right?).  My wife then looked at me askew, cocked her head inquisitively while taking in my wardrobe decision and said, quite matter-of-factly, “It’s not your best outfit, but you don’t have to go change.”  To her answer of my unasked question I laughed and said, simply, “Thanks.”

Don’t think this shook me, folks.  No don’t pity me the belittled man.  No way man, I’m the kind who easily suffers a factual judgment or criticism.  You remember that when you really want to tell me something but are afraid to, OK?  I can take a punch.  And anyway, I was actually pretty proud of my creation.  I don’t have a picture so I’ll word it out to you.  Black dress slacks, matching black shoes and socks, and very dark and very bright (if that makes sense) blue button-down long-sleeve dress shirt.  The kind of blue that’s just bang-for-sure primary blue.  As blue as it gets.  Over that blue shirt I donned a white sweater I have.  It has little white braids down it in vertical stripes as decoration or dress-up.  I wore this such that the only place you could see my Crayola blue dress shirt was up top and the neck where the collars popped out from under the sweater.  I’ve always wanted to wear a dress shirt under a sweater in this way… it some how looks scholarly to me.  Like something Professor College would wear.

So I don’t know folks.  Maybe it was the combination of bright white, stark black, and this vibrant blue.  Maybe it was the sweater itself, I got a couple more jabs on it later in the day – I think it’s the white braidwork.  Or maybe just the white in general.  A white sweater is somewhat non-standard I suppose. I see other people at work rocking this shirt-under-sweater look with success (or at least to what I deem success) – I feel like I should also be able to pull it off.


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