hate and bass

I just don't get it.
Midnight now, definitely time to go to bed. I do this all the time… stay up for no good reason. Just sitting here, surfing the net, reading about this and that.

Related to my entry yesterday about comment spam, it seems Google heard the blog-collective’s cry and has decided to do something about it. I’m hesitant to call it a solution, because all it does is remove the “reward” spammers get from putting links in comments (Google calculates a webpage’s “PageRank” by the number of other pages on the web that link to that page, so getting your URL on as many webpages as possible yields an elevated PageRank and the resultant higher prominence in search results). I guess, eventually, when there’s no direct benefit from polluting comments with spam, comment spam will cease. But for a while, those bots will still be running… and the spam will still be there. Still, it’s cool to see that WordPress has signed on to support the feature in a future version, I love WordPress.

On the way home from work today, I arrived at a red light in the middle lane of three lanes. Shortly, I was flanked on either side by teenager drivers. The new Decemberists album was on the stereo, filling the truck with high-pitched, warbly, folky nasal crooning backed by soft acoustic guitar. The two sideways-hat-wearin’ teenagers were having a good ol’ fashion whiteboy bass-off, trying to outdo each other’s bumpin’ – and I was caught square in the middle. So there I was, entombed in bass and poseurs… realizing how un-young I am. I had a brief urge to flip on over to the frequency modulated bands and put on 97.1 BEAT or 101.5 BLNG or whatever’s hot with the yunguns these days… but I resisted. Wait… I’m old enough to joke about not being a teenager, right? I mean, for Jah’s sake… I’m pushin’ 30 y’all.

I dunno how many people know about Google’s Zeitgeist, I read about it a couple years ago. It’s really awesome to watch internet search trends over time, or maybe it’s just me. Statistics are rad, there’s a voyeuristic feel about them – not the crazy statistics I took in college that was all triple integrals and 4th order differential equations; nay, that kind of statistics sucks. Anyway, they’ve got some cool data that’s kinda fun to poke through. To round out this paragraph of two unrelated thoughts: I exchanged mail again with Bob from yesterday, you know the guy who runs TWOBITS.com? He sent me a link to his personal webpage. Check out the “Roadie” story, it’s a fun read – as are they all. And, we’re done.

Goodnight peoples… until tomorrow.

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