odd thing to be self conscious about

Hey Tuesday… how are you doing?  Me, I’m OK.

We totally turned on the heat today when we got home from Oregon – first time this year.  Was 64° in the house when we got home and I couldn’t handle it.  Especially since I had made up my mind that I’d be phoning in the afternoon shift at the sawmill from the couch rather than stick to my original plan of making my way into the office after our flight.  A guy’s entitled to change his mind, I do say.

Anyway, heat or on off, this house smells downright shut-up musty.  It’s like that not-quite-nasty but not fresh-cut roses smell that the closet sometimes takes on when the dirty clothes hamper has gone a little too long without attention.  Somehow, having the place shut up with no air circulating for just a few days spread a subtle funk not unlike that overfull hamper scent all around the house.  It’s really bugging me right now… and it nearly ruined my 5pm “just punched the clock” one-hour nap.  We gotta open some windows up in this mug.

Tonight we went up to the Wal Mart to pickup some sundries we’ve been out of while we’ve been traveling individually and together the past couple weeks.  Of course, because of the time change, when we left the house around 6pm it was pitch-black outside, like the dead of night.  For some reason, I feel like a bad person wheeling our two-and-a-half year old into a Wal Mart under the curtain of night.  Something about a toddler riding in a shopping cart at America’s biggest discount retailer while the color of the sky (rightfully or not) deems the young should be fast asleep in bed.  An odd thing to be self conscious about, no?

For a while now, a couple friends of mine have been urging me to read the book Into the Wild. With admonitions akin to, “Dave, you’d love that book man – this guy was a true modern-day tramp, outdoorsman, a real Kerouac kindred-spirit.”  Well, last night Sharaun happened on the DVD of the movie-adaptation at my folks’ place.  Since she’d been wanting to see it for a while, we popped it in and settled back for the flick. Now, first off – I truly enjoyed the movie.  Second, holy crap what a sad ending.  I mean, at the end of that movie I felt drained… Not like Schindler’s List sad, but sad nonetheless.  As we climbed into bed, I told Sharaun I felt like scooping Keaton out of her little closet-room and hugging her tight.  Sad sad sad.

OK then, that’s a night for me.  Love ya, until later.

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  1. That movie tugged at my heart-strings as well… I just felt an overwhelming depression at the end of it. Sad for the loss of it all. I found out later that there was a significant “hollywood twist” at the end that didn’t exist in the book. Had to do with the plant with the horizontal/vertical(?) lines… that didn’t actually happen in the book. (I’m trying not to say too much in case anyone reading this hasn’t seen the movie yet or doesn’t know how it ends.) Anyway, excellent movie regardless.

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