And this is just how the weeks go… one week I’ll go all five days and the next I’ll hit less than 50%.  It’s still a habit and I don’t think I could ever abandon it, but some days are more conducive than others.

This morning I was getting ready to go to work.  As I’ve been out of both my gym-going habit and my eating-better habit, I’ve put back on a shameful percentage of what I once lost and I was looking sadly at my overhanging gut in the after-pants-before-shirt phase of dressing.

I walked into the living room and gave my belly a halfhearted two-handed lift for emphasis as I said aloud to Sharaun, “Man, I’m fat.”  Keaton jumped on that, replying strongly, “Dad, you are definitely not fat.”  I loved the sincerity in her voice; such affirmation!  I told her, “Thanks babe, that’s a nice thing to say.”

“You just have a really mooshy belly,” she finished.

Good to know.  Not fat – check; really mooshy belly – check.

Time to get back to the gym.

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