that’s all i’ve really got

Hi Tuesday folks, or Wednesday folks, as the case may be.

It’s just after 9pm here and I’m already back at the hotel room for the night. The iPod has its heart set on jazz for some reason, and it’s doing OK at setting a mood. Maybe not the most exciting mood, but certainly one that makes me want to sip whiskey and smoke. Too bad I’m doing neither. In fact, I’ve had this bugger of an itch in my throat all day long, and my sinuses were giving me trouble too. I’m hoping it’s just a reaction to the thick dusting of yellow pine pollen that clings to everything around here, and not some illness which might take root and decide to blossom south of the border next week while we’re on vacation.

Hey, while I’ve still got that “just started the post” momentum, I’m going to go ahead and jump to today’s installment of “In Pictures.” Not a whole heck of a lot to document today, just a long meeting and a fairly uneventful group meal afterward, but I managed to take a fair amount of snapshots anyway. I did take a quick tour of some of the highpoints of USC campus – but totally forgot to take pictures. Sometime after I got home I switched the little phone camera into “superfine” mode, so some images might look better than others. Here we are then, my Tuesday in brief:

Hope you enjoyed ’em.

The meeting today was long. I couldn’t get to sleep at a decent hour last night, and I seem to react to a three-hour time-change more than tend to do going oversees on a long haul, so I was actively trying not to nod off after lunch. Eventually I just got up and stood by the wall, which is a tactic I use when those afternoon doldrums take the wind from my sails. It works well – it’s much harder to fall asleep on your feet. The meeting itself was good, lots of good networking and handshaking and strategy-exchanging… all that wanna-be high-power business-school crap.

I miss Sharaun, and Keaton.  Keaton most of all.  Every time I hear her little voice in the background when I call Sharaun I just wish I could be there to scoop her up and kiss her.  I’m really looking forward to next week when I have them all to myself in Mexico.  Can’t wait to get home and leave again, in fact.

Now then, that’s all I’ve really got. Goodnight.

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3 Replies to “that’s all i’ve really got”

  1. He may have been wearing pants, but he still left us with a pretty vivid image of his pants around his ankles while on the toilet… and we already know about his paper preferences. I swear, I think I know more about Dave’s poop habits then my own. BTW should your toothbrush really be resting in such close proximity to the evils of those said toilet happenings?

  2. as the recipient of dave’s initial foray into cell phone documentation, i can say with a critical eye that these snaps are neither too timid, nor overexposed. thanks for the balanced over-sharing.

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