Good evening internet. Hope your week is winding down well.

Last night Sharaun realized midway through preparing the fajitas for dinner that we had no sour cream. To me this would have been fine. Yes the integrity of the resultant sour cream-less fajitas would most certainly be compromised, but what can a body do when there’s no sour cream in the house? It’s not like I have time to maybe wait for some regular cream to go sour, so I made my peace. Sharaun, however, couldn’t abide the situation. Deciphering her complicated series of pointed exhales and sighs, Keaton and I made a quick run to the store; or, as quick as is possible with Keaton along, she really wanted to accompany me. We came home triumphant, and had fajitas to celebrate.

I sat and stared at this page most nights this week and nothing ever came. Over and over again all I could bring to mind were thoughts of work. Work. It’s been consuming me lately. Tonight I got home late and sat and worked even after that. I had to forcefully turn off my brain and get disconnected enough to read some Hobbit with Keaton. Even now as I write this last paragraph about not being able to write just so I have something to write, I’m distracted.

I had a meeting this morning with a co-worker near London. It was his Thursday evening as we spoke and he told me he was readying for the Easter holiday, where they are off Friday and Monday for a four-day weekend. Man I wish we got an Easter holiday. I could use a four-day weekend about now.


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