a hobo’s feast

Monday was a good day.  Got a lot done and did a lot too.  Listened to some music tonight while Sharaun watched TV.

Viewed from the outside, I imagine that scene (the one with me listening to music and Sharaun watching TV) must look terribly dysfunctional.  Here’s a couple who are simply sharing the same habitat.  The male isolates himself behind headphones and writes while the female watches people dance on television and surfs Facebook on her phone.  Like a case study on avoidance or something.  Not so, though.  It was just for a couple songs… and then we were back talking about how sad we are that Keaton is not feeling well.

Around 3am last night Keaton came wandering into our bedroom sniffling.  Through stifled sobs she told Sharaun she’d had a bad dream about some stairs that climbed up into the sky, or something like that.  Sharaun pulled her into the bed between us and she snuggled up next to me.  Putting my forehead against hers I noticed right away that she was burning up.  Sharaun grabbed the thermometer and she clocked in at 101°.  A quick gulp of Tylenol later and she was fast asleep.  The fever stuck around all day, hanging right near that 100° mark and peaking after dinner at 103°.  Poor thing; she’s so quiet and sweet when she’s sick.  She’s passed out on the couch right now while Sharaun watches some television and I write.

It’s supposed to rain this week.  Starting tonight, even.  As much as I like rain I was getting used to the sun and blue sky and warming temperatures.  Sunday we had some friends over for a barbecue.  The spring’s inaugural.  I cooked way too many (too much?)  beans… I always do.  So tonight we had beans for dinner.  No kidding; just beans with little pieces of leftover meat cut up and thrown inside and the whole mess heated in a pan.  It was like a hobo’s feast; a bowl of beans and meat with bread for dipping. I love leftovers; feels like free food.


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