dwarves & princesses & castles

This week I started reading The Hobbit to Keaton before bedtime at night.

It’s something I’ve been looking forward to for a while.  I loved the book when I was a kid but I haven’t read it since highschool.  I’m willing to admit that she’s likely a little young still to really comprehend the story completely… but I’d talked to her about “someday” reading it together and she wouldn’t let it go.  And, actually, so far she seems to be managing decently.

She asks questions and knows which characters are doing what.  She knows a bunch of dwarves showed up at Bilbo’s house, along with a wizard, and that they did some singing (for which dad dutifully invented a tune and actually sung) and some talking about adventures.  She knows Bilbo doesn’t like adventures and isn’t a burglar.

Every night we start our fifteen minutes of reading with a thirty second recap of where we left off the night before.  She was thrilled that, within the first ten pages or so, they mentioned dwarves and princesses and castles.  “I didn’t know The Hobbit had princesses, Dad!”

I’m hoping that as we get into the book she has enough retention to enjoy it.

And hey, “worst” case we read it all over again in a couple years.


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