weekend on the carpet

I spent most of this weekend laying on the ground playing with Keaton. It was fun and gloriously lazy. Now it’s time to close it out, sadly, as the clock ticks towards midnight on Sunday. It’s gonna be a tearful goodbye, as a desk in a cubicle is nothing compared laying on the carpet with my daughter.

Last Thursday, on the way back to work after lunching at home, I decided I felt like smoking my pipe. So, I pulled out one of the smaller-bowled ones I got years back in a batch of estate pipes I got on the cheap from eBay and packed it with my favorite tobacco, Frog Morton On the Town, and happily puffed my way back to work. It was nice, and I think I’ll do it more often. I have less guilt about stinking up my truck because, well… that truck is a piece of work as it is… a little stank won’t really kill its curb appeal or anything. Also last week on the work tip, in the unfortunate bits of work sandwiched between waking, lunching, supping and sleeping, I was quite busy and really pretty productive. Good for me, as I’m still coaxing all the hamsters back into their wheels after coming back off vacation.

A third track from the Arcade Fire’s pending album hit the internets this weekend, this time through the official website as a goodie embedded in a flash page (of which the source was quickly decompiled in short order to get a direct-download link). Again it’s a little darker sounding, and again it’s been getting a fair amount of “can’t hold a candle to Funeral” flack around the water cooler. I dunno, that’s three finished tracks now, and yes they sound good – but I’m not sure anything can live up to my expectations. I fear I’ve doomed this album to the sophomore-slump before even hearing it, and that just ain’t right. Hopefully, I’ll eat my words when the full thing leaks. Maybe it’s just because I haven’t taken the time to really put on my headphones and listen to them – I’ll make it a point to do that soon.

Finally, I feel the need to express my thanks for my wife and friends – who setup not one, but two 30th birthday parties for me (one being a surprise party on my birthday, and one being a joint party with Kristi). Furthermore, special thanks to Cynthia – who not only made both my cakes, but decorated my 1st one in a “Pink is the New Blog” theme, took my picture with it, and sent it over. (For those unfamiliar with “Pink,” it’s one of the ‘net’s most popular gossip-blogs.) Anyway, turns out I made Trent’s Saturday post (scroll down towards the bottom for my cameo). Now, don’t go thinking I’m a huge gossip-blog guy or anything… I’m more of a casual fan (I go there mostly for pictures of Scarlett Johansson and Jessica Alba) and the whole thing was Cynthia’s idea – but it is cool to see your mug on the internet. Way to go.

Goodnight, until the next time.

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