a unabomber shack in alaska

Old timey grammar school photo.
Guys, I gotta admit? I’ve been spelling the word “won’t” wrong for as long as I can remember. Anthony confronted me on it yesterday, saying that there should be an apostrophe in the contraction of “will not,” that I usually write as “wont.” Incredibly, I have apparently been misspelling this word since forever. I quick search through my old journals finds the non-apostrophe spelling all the way back through the 1st entry in 1995. Spellchecker doesn’t catch it because the word “wont” (no apostrophe) is an actual word. Strange thing is, I was actually familiar with the use of the word “wont,” but because of it’s pronunciation I always assumed it was an alternate use of “want.” I’ve even used it before to mean “inclined to,” like “I am wont to take walks outside.” Jeez, all this time I’ve been making no sense. It’s gonna be a hard habit to break, but I will start integrating the apostrophe into my won’ts – I promise.

I got a boatload of new music last night. Some kind soul has been posting his top 25 albums of 2003 to absmi, and looking at his list I saw that we appear to have similar tastes so I decided to grab all of them. Found some nice new stuff in Dolorean, Spearmint, The Legends, and more. Thanks nameless absmi poster guy, your cause is just and true, and you are appreciated. I burned a dvd of all the new tunes I’ve got recently and brought them for Ben and Anthony. Benz made the comment that there were over 60 albums on the dvd, and that some people don’t even own 60 albums in there entire music collection. We really do devour music. Guess some things don’t change.

I was using a pair of binoculars the other day and realized something, I’ve never been able to make the two lenses converge into one in my vision. I mean, that’s what’s supposed to happen right? Aren’t you supposed to adjust them so you see a stereo image? I can get close, but never perfect. One of the first things I ever bought on my own was a pair of binoculars. I saved up and bought them, and thought they were the coolest thing. I think they demanded a kingly price of $35 back then, which was a lot of saving for someone in the 5th grade. I still have them, even took them to the Radiohead concert last year.

I had a much better day at work yesterday. Kinda shook the cloud that’s been hanging over me, kicked the childish pouty attitude and dug in. It was what I needed really. I came home feeling better and more accomplished, which is nice. Sometimes I just get despondent about working, and that’s about when the Walden fantasies kick into high gear – and a Unabomber shack in Alaska starts sounding so good. I guess that’s a little extreme really. But I think I would love to be on one of those PBS shows like Frontier House or something? to get a better idea what it would have been like. I’m sure it’s not as relaxing as I think it is.

That’s about it today, didn’t feel like cut-n-paste so I wrote this on the fly. Dave out.

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9 Replies to “a unabomber shack in alaska”

  1. I discovered this thing doing what I do best, surfing the web and Dave´s blog has been a joy to read for the last couple of months, but in the end it just exposes his shortcomings. Number one, how u break promises all the time on people and tell them u did one thing and then they read the blog and they find out you did another. Secondly, how you stay to a particular circle of friends and do not venture outside in fear that you might do something different. Third, how music and holding Ben and Anthony´s hand is the most important thing in your life. These are just a couple of items that were noticed by this anonoymous blog reader, but you are depressing, so I am not visiting this page after today. Hope things get better.

  2. I have also been reading Dave’s blog for the last few months and I must admit that I could not disagree more. If the blog exposes his shortcomings then that means he’s doing it right! He lays it all out there truthfully- The good, the bad and the ugly – witch is more then I can say for you Mr. “not important”. You can’t even sign your own name to the crap you write.
    P.S. u suk! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. WHOA, interesting items in the blog and comments today. Dave does flake on people, but thats Dave. The hand holding is done by everyone, so "not important" take that!

  4. wow. this is exactly what i added the comment feature for.

    acidic comments "not important," but i guess not entirely untrue. anyway, i´m not here to defend myself, i´m just here to blog. and blog i will.

    oh, and thanks for the defense shaine & eric ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. We all know who wrote the first post and you are entitled to your opinion. But to follow it up with another post bagging on yourself either means we should call you Smeagol or you should consider taking some medication. If you have something to say be proud and put your name on it.

  6. Anthony you said "We all know who wrote the first post…" I don´t. Who is it. Who is the blog basher that is stiring up the pot?

  7. Anthony if your referring to me as "not important", you got the wrong person man. If I had something to say to Dave I would say it to his face and not write it in a blog comment.

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