tied to the mast

Mizzen you already.
Hey folks! Check it out!

The 10/12Z notations are dates slash times. If you look, between 12 Zulu on September 10th and 12 Zulu on September 11th, typhoon Khunan will grace Taiwan with its presence. Doing the Zulu-to-local conversion (providing my math is right, I never was good with time), that puts this thing in Taiwan sometime between 8pm Saturday and 8pm Sunday. My flight is due to arrive in Taipei at 8:15pm Saturday night. It’s almost like Khunan and I got together and planned it!

Direct hit?

Swirling red wine in a glass at Wayne’s place… midnight on the eve of my departure. Too much wine, really… stubborn fingers are ugly on the keyboard.

Goodnight, fare-me-well. Until next week, in Taiwan. Goodnight.

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