getting used to it

Nothing in an RV is easy to get.

Everything is forever behind everything else.  No matter what it is that you need, it’s guaranteed to be under, behind, or inside three or four other cumbersome-to-move things you don’t.  This is Law #1 of full-time RVing.  

To get the shoes I wanted to wear for church this morning, I had to pull-out the shoe-storage bin and paw to the back, where, of course, the brown ones were.  

Keaton wanted to ride her bike after dinner, but you can’t just get her bike… you must remove all bikes.  Can’t ride without a helmet, but that bin is four-deep in the (thankfully) cavernous rear storage space.  

Ran out of toilet paper?  Not enough room under the bathroom sink so that’s a walk outside to the paper bin.   Same for extra paper plates or napkins.  

Living in this tiny space if full of “excuse mes,” “sorry, I’m in heres,” and “did someone move my X?”  But, you know what… 

I am getting used to it.  We are getting used to it. 


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