grammar is hard

So long, farewell.
A productive Wednesday for me, how about y’all? Hit the bermudagrass with round-two of the Turflon today. Did it while at home for my lunch break, since I had the evening booked with getting a haircut, paying bills, and mowing the lawn. Check and check, I’m firm on the path to being ready for my flight to Taiwan Friday morning.

I know this thing really isn’t a “music blog,” or anything… so I’d guess that most folks who read this simply skip over my frequent musical musings. That’s cool with me, really. I’m just trying to give you a heads-up, I’m about to talk a little bit about music right now.

As 2005 draws to a close, my mind moves toward Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and that favorite annual staple of all music fans: the year-end “Best Of” lists. As much as I love hopping around the web for all the ‘zine and personal best-ofs, I enjoy putting together my own list more. This year’s list will be sounds familiar’s third annual Best Of list, such and accomplishment. And this year, I went about it a little different. The two years prior, I simply sat around sometime in December and cast my mind back over the musical landscape that made up the year. It’s often tough to remember what had me singing and smiling ten months earlier… but I think I’ve done a fair job at it so far. This year, thanks to the beauty of WordPress’s “draft” feature, I’ve been keeping a running “candidate for the list” list (WordPress’s? WordPress’?). As an album becomes endeared to me throughout the year, I jot it down in my draft entry. The way I envision it, I’ll go back and sample each candidate album as I sit down to write the list… heck, I may even do a “Top 15” this year since I may have some help remembering, what with the draft and my use of audioscrobbler (or whatever it’s called now). Draft entries are cool for all sorts of reasons, take for example my running draft: “If I die, please post this.” How cool would it be to “pen” one final entry from the grave. Mwuh-ah-ah-ah!!

I likely won’t write Friday, and this hardly counts as writing today. So… goodnight.

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  1. Doesn’t the Turflon say not to mow for 24 hours after application? Hopefully you haven’t inadvertendly doomed the ecosystem because of this.

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