one thing or another

There’s water under the kitchen sink. Damn.

Let’s pull everything out and climb down there in that cramped space and probably hit our head a few times and crane our neck and see if we can figure out where it’s coming from.

From the disposal. OK I’ll replace the drain gasket. Still leaking.

And, y’know, I’ve not been doing a very good job keeping up on the house to-do list. There’s that tear in the screened-in porch panel I’ve been meaning to patch, I even bought the patch material like two months ago. I need to replace the screen door handle, too… have the parts for that sitting on my workbench in the garage. Both cars, and the RV for that matter, need an oil change. And shit, man, have you seen the bedside drawer in the guest room? What, we just put all our random stuff in there now? That’s gotta get cleaned out.

Sometimes piled-up things like this feel oppressive, and I find myself in an agitated state, feeling behind and negligent… wanting to fly into a fury of productivity to “clear the list” and feel better about keeping up. I think this is why I’m so anal about keeping a tidy house. When I see clutter around, it makes me feel that much more overwhelmed. I have a hard time sitting down and relaxing if there’s shit everywhere, and it’s easier for me to ignore that tear in the screen panel if the place where I spend most of my time is neat and tidy.

Seems to be leaking from the body of the disposal itself… like it’s cracked or compromised. I have some leftover silicone sealant/adhesive in the garage. I’ll slather that around where the water seems to be weeping out, let that dry, and see if I can stave off spending $150 on a new disposal.

One thing or another.

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