150 behind, 150 ahead

We’ve reached the halfway mark of our year on the road, the endeavor Sharaun and I called “doing what matters” (all my spreadsheets begin with “DWM_”). On the one hand it feels like it’s gone by way too fast… and on the other there are bits at the beginning we have a hard time believing were connected to this same journey.

Being a momentous occasion, though, I wanted to take a moment and reflect on a couple things. One, I wanted to do share some of the statistics I’ve been keeping, even if they’re not of interest to you, dear reader, I’ll have them here for posterity. Two, I wanted to go back and revisit the “what I’ve learned so far” bullets I captured at the 25%-compete mark.

Since the latter is a pretty heady and cerebral self-examination type thing, and the former is a nice easy data-gathering exercise, can you guess which one I’m choosing to lead with? Right your are! Here, then, is a nice selection of data about the trip so far, for all you nerds:

Driven: 7,017mi
Stops: 63
Nights/stop: ~2.3
Cost/night: ~$22
Fuel: ~$1900
States: 11
National parks: 6 (11 NPS-managed areas)

Just as a point of clarification, the average cost per night does include free nights spent with friends and relatives or in parking lots of Walmarts or Cracker Barrel or Bass Pro or whatever. Also the gas is pretty correct, but does not include propane, which might be another $200-$250 this far.

Anyway, them’s the details thus far.


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