I can feel Spring coming

Spring flowers.
As you can see, I once again missed the midnight deadline for automatic posting. No biggie, I can always post 1st-thing in the morning on the day-of. Listening the Bright Eyes in my 15min before work officially starts, and I’ve got a meeting straight-away at 8am this morning. I have a feeling this will be a short one, since there’s just not much to talk about. Well, OK, I could fill reams… but not yet. So for now…

Ever since I’ve been riding to work, my legs have had a dull soreness during the day that I’ve really come to like. It sounds strange, but I like the feeling… it’s a kind of reminder that my legs have actually been “working” a bit. Riding to work has been more enjoyable that I thought, it offers some slight feeling of being unfettered; from my vehicle, from the roads, and from my normal sedentary commute. Even if the original end-goal was ~1hr of aerobic exercise a day, the means have turned out to be something I really dig – rather than something I dread.

As a born doubter, I guess I’m sometimes too pessimistic. By all accounts, the Iraqi people turned out in huge numbers for this past weekend’s vote. I’m not wildly liberal enough to blame some right-wind media fleecing, so it seems my negativism was unfounded. With that knowledge, it really becomes a moot point as to whether or not these people actually researched their votes, or just went along party/religious lines. The more important thing is that they came out and did it. Know what percentage of America turned out in 2004? 60%, the highest since 1968. The “liberated” people of Iraq tied us. I’ll be interested in the results, and who’s given power, and the distribution of votes. That’s right world, I’m interested… fear my piquedness.

I can feel spring coming… and summer in the distance. The days have been sunny and clear lately, taunting the cool temps with get-outside-and-do-something vibes. Stupid sunny days that beg for me to take sick days and do yardwork or sneak a pipe-smoke in the house with enough time to air it out before Sharaun gets home. I’m mentally planning camping and hiking trips, extended concert outings, all sorts of stuff. Pretty soon though, the devil-heat will settle over Northern California, and my rides to work will get a lot sweatier. I’m totally rambling.

Maybe it’s old, but you gotta check out this site. When you put up an obvious joke-site like this and start getting vitriolic letters from the offended, you know you’ve achieved the perfect level of sarcastic subtlety to fool the ignorant masses. Classic.

I really am sorry. Really.

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