two evenings

Just a little short thing tonight.

Two evenings sacrificed rebuilding and and lovingly re-configuring my HTPC just so it can play old Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Genesis, and Playstation games.  Two evenings where I monopolized the television doing so, frustrating my wife.  Two evenings where I was able to forsake actual work, as in sawmill stuff, in favor of a “fun” kind of work.  Two evenings where I went to bed too late because I’m OCD and have to have things working perfectly or all figured out before calling it a night.  Two evenings just spent nerding-out for hours on end, painstakingly configuring something I don’t really have the free time to indulge in all that much.

So what did I get?  In the end what was I after?

That’s my five year old daughter just whomping-up on Mario 64.

That’s right.  She picked up the controller and started directing Mario like she’d been doing it forever.  I sat and watched her play, giving her tips on how to avoid the Bob-Ombs and Goombas, showing her how to do the slam-jump thing using two fingers at once, and in general just enjoying her enjoying something new.

So maybe Sharaun wasn’t entirely bought-into the “need” for another source of entertainment… but man we sure had a blast racing in Mario Kart.

Tomorrow maybe I’ll show her the 8-bit Little Mermaid game… goodnight.

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