sorry guys… i ain’t got it

Ho hum.Happy another summer week everyone.

Writing has, as you’ve no doubt noticed, not been coming easy these past few weeks.  Our evenings have been booked moreso than usual, weeknight or not, and I just haven’t had time nor mind to sit down and get something proper knocked out each night.  I’m trying to not let it get to me, but I do enjoy writing and get a tad down when I’m not able to post regularly.

But what of us?  Sharaun and I have been out stimulating the economy… willfully hemorrhaging money as we work on some small upgrades to our modest piece of the American dream.  We’re doing hardwood floors in the house, and have been out shopping for some select pieces of furniture.  We bought most of what we have now right when we moved to California nine years ago, and some of it is beginning to show its age.  Among the other projects and upgrades: the TV is going up onto the wall, with a small piece of furniture below for all the AV goodies (finally get rid of those wire Sharaun hates so much); new dining room table (with room for more chairs); and ripping up the carpet in our master bathroom to put down tile (who puts carpet in a bathroom?).  With the new car Obama bought us, it’s like our family is a spending machine.  Yikes.

Tonight the weather cooled down a bit, enough for us to consider, and ultimately go through with, a trip down to the “ice cream and sprinkles” place (what Keaton calls it).  Just a stone’s throw from the house, it’s one of those frozen yogurt places that’s all the rage… y’know the kind with a toppings bar full of candy and fruit and whatnot.  Keaton loves the place, getting to pour and create her own treat.  Her typical concoction is gummi bears, fruity pebbles, and sprinkles over vanilla yogurt.  We like taking her down there because it’s a nice family walk and a good way to get out of the house for bit and get some fresh air.

Man, there’s so much I should be writing about… but I just don’t have the chops for it lately.  Goodnight.

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