last day at the sawmill

Today is my last day at the sawmill until November 5th.

Let’s just ruminate on that last statement for a minute: Last day at work until November 5th. Uh-huh, roll that around in the old noodle for a bit: Until November 5th. No more work until November 5th.

Maybe I should put this another way: There is this place I’ve gone five days a week nearly every single week since I left college. After today, I won’t have to go there for nine weeks. I know, it may seem like I’m blowing it out of proportion. But, to me, it’s that big. Nine weeks to spend with Keaton, nine weeks to spend with Sharaun, nine weeks to spend with me.

I’ve decided that, in the future, when I hear a song that reminds me of those last days leading up to tomorrow, I want it to be “Sandy” from the recent Caribou album, Andorra. Seriously, you must hear this song. It gets my vote right now for best bassline of the year, that bouncy thing could be a song unto itself. And how about the choppy breakbeat fills behind the choruses? Insane, right? Sounding like something lifted from the Odyssey and Oracle sessions and modernized for today, I am ready to rock this as the happy-goodtimes track that closes the summer. You want to hear it now, right? Seriously, you should. Go listen to it here. If you like it, let me know… love in the comments.


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