a walking zombie in florida

Monday I was a walking zombie in Florida. After a 3am riseandshine and a cross-country aeronautical journey with-child, we were all fairly sleep deprived. I tried to write, I did, but gave up when I realized I had only been repeatedly banging out semicolons and randomly clawing at the laptop screen. Fatigue is a blog killer.

Tuesday now though, and I can write when I want. No more have-to-post by midnight on sabbatical. No more cramming each entry into three hours every evening. Just write as I go and post when I want. Sure, you, readers, lose some predictability, but let’s be honest – over the past couple weeks this thing has been pretty predictably blank, am I right. I am to fix that with the time I have now.

I brought five books with me to Florida. I’m hoping I can at least manage to read one of them. I guess, I’m actually hoping I can read some of the real books, as two of the five are just guidebooks – one for the Muir Trail, one for beer drinkers in Munich. I also brought Kerouac’s On the Road (I never finished, it… “paused” at “part two” and never restarted again), the second half of the Book of the New Sun series, The Sword and the Citadel (which, again, I never got to after reading, and loving, the first half…), and Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises. I’d really like to use at least part of these nine weeks to improve my books-per-year ratio for 2007. It’s already September and I’ve only got four under my belt – and that’s downright awful.

And, with that, I’m gonna cut this off early. We’re headed down to the beach today I think, then likely calling up old friends to arrange some catching-up time while we’re in town. I don’t want to feel like we’re booking a press tour or anything, so I’m shooting for a good amount of lazy days like this. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Until tomorrow.

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