Happy Tuesday, people of the internet.  Welcome to the place where I’m trying to write again.

Worked from home today, mostly out of fear that yesterday’s stomach bug might’nt have fully passed through my system.  Seems like it was an overly-cautious move, as it’s back to normal in the bowel movement department and I’m craving spicy burritos again.  There are times where I’ve been sick in the past and wondered, “Could that have been food poisoning?”  This time, I knew it was food poisoning.

It’s OK.  Despite being on meetings all day, working from home, or “WFH” as we say, can have perks.  Take for example the fact that, until sometime between noon and 1pm at least, I was able to work with the house thrown open and fresh air all around me.  More, I situate myself next to the sliding door into the backyard and get direct sun from about 9am onward.  You know, thinking about it, I haven’t had a shirt on all day.  Counting the hours I was asleep last night, that means I’ve been free from the shackles of the foreign textile industry now for almost thirty hours now – a feat for a modern American (at least from the waist up).  Also kinda rad to have done all my business meetings shirtless.

Cavemen conducted all their business shirtless, too.  Braining other cavemen, spearing fish, dragging cavewomen by the hair for coitus; all sans their Hanes.  Today I talked about frequency domain simulations, shirtless.  Never before have I been so close to my neanderthal kin.  One blood, cavemen; one blood.



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    1. I like to imagine that cavemen are actually incapable of knowing the difference, because they have no philosophical concept of “work.”

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