always an odyssey

Disney is always an odyssey.

We left the house just before 7am still partially under cover of darkness and with a thin layer of frost on the vehicle.  The monorail was out of order, so we ferried over to the park and were inside by 8:45am (much later than our intended 8am arrival).  Didn’t matter though, we killed it.  It’s a good thing both Sharaun and I enjoy “maximizing” Disney… and that Keaton has the chops to handle a full day of park.  We didn’t get home until midnight on the nose, leaving the park around 10:30pm.  I know; sounds insane – guess it is kind of insane.  But, we did all the things we wanted to do and didn’t feel too rushed or frantic.

Being just a little too young for fourteen hours of fun, Cohen stayed back with Ami.  Keaton, as expected, had a blast.  She got an autograph book and set off to meet some characters.  When all was said and done she had four princesses (including Rapunzel, her favorite part of the day), one prince, and Donald.  Not bad, and gives her something to “collect” upon future visits.  She also braved the Haunted Mansion without once cowering into our shoulders or covering her eyes (a first).  In fact, she examined the attraction with the cold measuring eyes of a Halloween prop maker’s daughter – noting several times that, “Dad, you could make that for our house at Halloween!”  Way to puff me up.

Let me just say it: I love Disney; I’m like a kid myself when it comes to the place.  And even though I think Disneyland edges out the Magic Kingdom – I’ll take a trip to either any day.  So what if my feet are sore and my day’s diet was crappy park food and snacks?  It was worth it to see Keaton’s smile (and my own, and Sharaun’s) when she got a hug from Cinderella.

Peace out.

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  1. Disney around Christmas was always a tradition for our family. I miss those days. I think of all the reasons I can think of for having kids, going to Disney is in my Top 3.

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