BPAs, PFOAs, and PVCs


Vacation means daytime TV and daytime TV means seeing some of the worst.  Today I saw some “doctor” scaring his audience into believing that what’s making them fat are the chemicals which are leeching into their foods and bodies from things like Tupperware, shower curtains, and frying pans (he called them “obesogens'” a wonderful made-up word).

Yes, this is what’s making you fat, America!  Not your diet, not your inactivity; it’s the unseeable, unavoidable chemicals you’re taking in every day!  It’s not your fault; when you tip the scale after breakfasts of  fried eggs and hollandaise sauce it’s your frying pan that’s to blame.

People – you are grasping at straws.  Even if these things do somehow alter fat absorption, the levels in which you’re ingesting them are negligible at worst.  Stop blaming demons and spirits and phantoms.  You have much to much time to worry about things that ultimately don’t matter.  Go to the gym and eat less.  Advice I could stand to re-take myself…

I can’t wait to start vacation.  Yeehaw!

Until later.

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