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Been a while since I wrote.  Should be a slow week; writing should pick up.  All over the place today.

Tonight (Sunday) I got a wild hair and wanted to cook dinner for the family.  At work they make this roasted red pepper tomato bisque that I could eat ten bowls of, and since it was a nice chill gray day I figured it’d be fun to give it a try.  After some internettin’, I had cobbled together a recipe that sounded good and we picked up the raw materials on the way back from church.  Turned out to be dead-simple and pretty tasty, and the family approved so I felt accomplished.

Saturday morning my mom called and said that she and dad were considering a last-minute trip down for Christmas. A few hours of deliberation later and we got a copy of their itinerary in the inbox. Sharaun and I are both excited we’ll have family around for the holidays after all. We can cook a real-sized dinner now without feeling wasteful or overly-gluttonous (until we sit down to eat, at least), and we’ll be able to share gift-opening with Keaton. We were just lamenting the other day about not being able to spend the holiday with any extended family, and now we got that on lock. Thanks guys.

Cleaned out the computer desk area this weekend, found the DMV notice that Sharaun’s registration needed to be renewed… back in August.  With the fees, it’s nearly 200% what it would’ve been four months ago were it done on time.  My fault; I’m the one who’s responsible for doing “those kind of things” around here and it must’ve just slipped through the cracks.  Bad thing is, I’ve been giving Sharaun a hard time for the past month, contending she’d lost the renewed stickers they must have sent when I (surely) paid on-time.  I’ve been reminding her to call the DMV to get new stickers on an almost daily basis for weeks now.  Dang.

As a blogging-mecahnics sideline, I’ve become quite good at blogging on the iPhone WordPress application. In landscape mode I can tap out the paragraphs at an alarming pace, with relatively few typos or rewrites necessary. Best of all, the prospect of tackling a full-sized entry via the phone is no longer too duanting. In fact, everything you’ve read up to now, including this very sentence is iPhone-birthed. Not bad as a handheld tool.

Don’t really have anything more.  Goodnight.

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