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Tonight was fun.

OK so I guess it’s still early.  But my evening thus far has been quite nice.  Work this week is at a new level, but I feel my execution has risen accordingly.  The amount of things I’m able to get done in each day is a source of pride.  Because of that busyness I’ve not been home until after six or so (I know, not late hours at all by most standards), and tonight was no different.  Sharaun has a “girls night out” party where here and a gaggle of females put on pajamas eat sweets and dance with that new Xbox Kinect thing.   This means it was Keaton and Cohen and I around the homestead.

Since it was already past seven by the time I’d steamed my tamale dinner (Keaton had eaten at a friend’s house), and I’d gotten Cohen down early, she and I decided to spend the next hour or so before her bedtime watching some cartoons.  In this case, I let her handpick from a bunch of classic Looney Tunes episodes.  She’s familiarizing herself with Bugs, Daffy, Porky, and the others (can you believe her least favorite is the Roadrunner and Coyote?).  She sat on my lap and asked me if I’d seen the episodes as she paged through their thumbnails on the screen.  Have I seen them… man, I’ve seen every single one.

Sidenote: Ever since I was a kid I’ve found it strange that some cartoon characters used the seemingly well-known phrase, “Don’t you believe it!”  Bugs Bunny said it tonight.  Tom the cat says it in at least a couple Tom & Jerry shorts (more mysteriously, when he does, it’s said in a heavily-echoed voice like he’s at the bottom of a big tin can).  Apparently I’m not the only one who’s ever wondered about this phrase.  Most folks think it’s from an old radio show, but so far no one has been able to come up with an actual reference.  I have no idea why things like this interest me so much.

Tomorrow is my last day at work before vacation.  I am planning on sitting down at my desk before 6am to try and get more hours of the day.  I will work hard on a variety of things, although there’s no way I’ll get everything done that needs doing.  This means that, on at least one or two days during our holiday in Florida I’ll have to drive myself to bust out the computer and actually do stuff.  That makes me sad, but it may have to happen.

Rambling.  Goodnight.

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