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Light me up.Tuesday night and the week creeps along on creaky wheels, just a rusted axle away from a breakdown and a gear above reverse… it’s a sorry sight to behold – a lame animal limping towards death.

Sorry for all the negativity lately… work really has me wound up.  I’m throwing silk darts at moving targets, waiting around to do some more waiting around, and trying to build a house on sand.  Hopefully things will solidify in the new year – because despite my normal tolerance for dawdling, this is absolutely draining my soul.  I have faith that the coming week with my folks in town will lift my spirits – so Mom and Dad I’m counting on you.

Sometimes I think my iPod is endowed with the divine.  Seriously, I love to sit back and marvel at the eclectic library I’ve built on this 160GB device.  I put so much stock in the thing, it’s literally become a piece of technology I’d hate to live without; akin to such commonplace conveniences as credit-card purchases and the telephone.  I’m so cloven to this device, that I often find myself thinking about absurd situations involving it.

For instance, you don’t know how many times I’ve imagined myself as the Tom Hanks character in Castaway, my aircraft crashing into the sea and later finding myself washed up on a deserted shoreline.  In my head, my iPod was in my pocket at the time and survives the saltwater bath… whereupon my mind turns to how I can now figure a way to use it on my new island home.

Believe it or not, I have actually done real-life research online in all of the following areas as related to the survival scenario described above:

  • Wave-powered DC generator (I only need 5V/~1A… now to find some natural magnets and wire…)
  • How to make a battery (save some of that power for later)
  • iPod connector pinout (to see what voltage I need to power the thing and where to apply it)
  • How to make speakers (would be nice to rock the island while I’m at work doing things like building huts and whatnot)

Yeah, I’m that serious about the absolute necessity of an iPod as a survival tool – it’s that essential.  Because, after keeping myself alive – first priority would be getting some tunes to motivate me in my raft-building.

I guess… I don’t have much more for tonight.  Think I’ll watch a few episodes of I Love Lucy and wait for Sharaun to get home.  Goodnight.

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