the moments that make up a dull day

8ish on Monday night.  Got a lot done today.

All the Halloween decorations came down over lunch.  They’re still piled in the garage and need to be put away for the year, but at least the house wasn’t out of theme for more than a day.  Came home, ate dinner, cleaned up the dishes, gave Cohen a much-needed bath, and spent a good undistracted hour with the voter’s guide studying for my early-morning trip to the polls tomorrow.

Glad I did, because I vary decently from my party’s line in some places.  Those voter guides man… it’s like reading a transcript from a highschool debate.  These people can’t be more persuasive?  They write like they’re trying to convince teenagers and simpletons.  I resorted to reading the text of the propositions and making my own call, at least they show you what current law will be null and void and give you the new language…

Today I shaved some very noticeable hair off my earlobe.  Really.  I have no idea when my earlobe got hair, but once I saw it in the sunshade mirror on the way to work this morning there was no unseeing it.  It’s obviously been there, it didn’t wholly sprout overnight.  And even though it wasn’t anything dark or stringy like facial hair, it was fuzzy and clearly visible.  No one wanted to tell me I had ear hair?  This business of getting old is for the birds.  I still remember the first day I shaved my face and on that day I’d have never pictured myself holding my beard trimmer to the inside of my ear.  “And when I die… I expect to find him laughing.”

I obviously have nothing to write.  Things have been busy.  Maybe with more time to think.  Goodnight.

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