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Another Monday y’allz. The time changed, so when I saw how much sun was coming through the blinds when the alarm went off – I was confused. And now it’s dark as I leave work, which is horribly depressing to me for some reason. When am I supposed to mow the lawn, at lunch or something? Oh, the weekend? Really? OK, if you say so.

Took down all the Halloween hoopla today, some at lunch and some after work (before the sun failed). I like getting it down right away, makes me feel some kinda “vigilant” about not overstaying some kind of holiday decoration welcome, y’know upholding that 50’s neighborhood vibe I tend to labor under, delusional. After taking down the witch, ghost, and tombstones, we headed over to Anthony’s for some dinner (communal meals are popular in the crowd we run with), and some Land of the Lost watching. Man those DVDs were a great purchase… solid cheese man. Greenscreen and stop-motion clay dinosaurs, the pinnacle of 1974 Saturday morning kids programming. Awesome sci-fi plots and horrible, terrible acting make the show irresistible. I love it.

Sharaun’s leaving me mid-week to head to Florida for a weekend wedding. That makes me a bachelor for the weekend, it also leaves me with a clean house for a few days. There’s some things I like about having the house to myself, like the “hermity” feeling I can bring on by shutting locking the doors and huddling in the corner of the couch. Purposely not answering the phone, cooking my own food, doing what I want. Not that I can’t do all that with Sharaun around – but the solitude enhances the feeling. I like that.

I’ve been telling my brother and a buddy that I’d make them some CDs for a month now, so tonight I sat down and composed the list of albums I actually wanna send to them. Some are new, some are not-so-new, but the common theme is that I think they’re good tunes they’ll enjoy. There’ll be some picks from this year’s “top ten,” which is pretty firm in my mind already, barring some last-minute contender. Right now I’ve got about twelve CDs I’ll be sending out, and, in true mix-tape style, I’ll include a paragraph about each one stating why I do, and the intended listener should, dig it. Oh, they’ll be some good stuff on… some obvious and some sleepers.

Listening to the new Death Cab and Bright Eyes tracks from the Daniel Johnston cover album – good stuff. I think that’s all she wrote tonight folks. Oh, and to everyone out there, get out and vote! Watch Democracy happen, live. Dave out.

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