wound down

Steam, see? Get it?
Great weekend, and I’m pretty beat tonight. For that reason, I ‘m not really going to type much. Today was party clean-up day – sweeping, mopping, steam-cleaning, and the like. The house didn’t take too bad of a beating, which was good.

The party was great, even though we polished off an entire keg of Newcastle in just about three hours (fastest keg-floating I think I’ve ever seen). If you wanna see how it all went down, Suzy’s got some pictures on her site, and I’ve posted a hodge-podge of stuff too. In addition to that, make sure to cast your vote over at the official post-party costume contest voting page.

Tonight, Halloween, I fired up both fog machines, put on some creepy music, and handed out candy to the trick-or-treaters. We got about twice the kids we had last year, which still isn’t that many, but at least it made it all a little more worthwhile. Tomorrow it all comes down and I mow the lawn, back to normalcy.

I told you I wasn’t going to write a lot. The pictures should suffice. Dave out.

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  1. You’ll have to excuse the fact that my pic thumbnails are all non-working right now. I did a quick revamp to remove a certain someone’s last name from the page, and it killed themall… bottom-line? just been to lazy to fix them so far 🙂 The pics still work if you click ’em though…

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