couple months in pictures

Thursday already, and yet still not Friday.  Paradoxical, or something.

Over the past few months you may have noticed that the gallery plugin I use on the blog has been broken (it’s actually been a whole year, believe it or not).  The cool effect that pops-up the image in your browser probably wasn’t happening (you might have even been dropped on a white page with a lonely image and no caption and may have had to, gasp, hit the back arrow to get here again).

That effect is called “lightbox” or “shutter” or something, and I spent an hour tonight selectively enabling and disabling plugins to get it working again.  Maybe you’ll notice and be appreciative, or maybe it’ll be broken again when I wake up – that crap is flaky as sin.  The popup/javascrip effects don’t work in Chrome either… the placement is all wrong and they jump all over the page.  Maybe one day there will be a simple, easy, just-works solution for hosting your own images on the web.  For now, we’ll have to live with what I’ve got (and lose it all if something better ever does come around).

Regardless, here are some snapshots from this past month or so.

And you know, the kinda guy I am… I went and upgraded my old gallery to see if that solution is any better… maybe I’ll start using that again.  Can’t have content in too many places y’know, helps limit confusion.

Until tomorrow, love you & goodnight.

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