bonding all the way

Friday at last.

California is one of only three states in the union that gives new parents paid time-off for “bonding leave” (furthermore, the US is the only “wealthy” nation that doesn’t do this nationally for its citizenship) when a new child is born.  I did not take advantage of this perk when Keaton was born and I’ve come to sorely regret it.  It’s time that’s gifted to me to be with my family and I left it on the table.  Before Cohen ever got here I had decided I wouldn’t be repeating that mistake again.  Today I had a revelation and decided what I want to do with the time.

I want to rent an RV and take the family on an extended cross-country road trip.  Driving from location to location, overnighting alongside rivers and in national parks and maybe even in Wal Mart parking lots.  Visiting friends and family, experiencing history, bonding in the first degree.  I have my eyes on this little number.  Start here, head to the forests of Oregon and Washington, cross the country in the north hitting Seattle, Glacier, Yellowstone, Teton, Rushmore, Badlands, Great Lakes, Niagra.  Down the eastern seaboard hitting Gettysburg, D.C., the major eastern ranges (Appalachians, Smokies, Blue Ridge).  Down again to the Everglades, Keys.  Back up and out across the heartland and I want to do the Ozarks, Rockies, Arches, Moab.  Turn down again for the Grand Canyon, across Hoover to San Diego and then back home along the 101.

At first I thought it was too ambitious, even in six weeks time. But I did a super quick hardly-any-planning route-check and Google Maps says it would be a seven day, ~10,000 mile drive going straight-through (Google Maps is crazy), so maybe six weeks isn’t too far off with enough stoppage time to make it seem more exploration and experience versus just driving, driving, driving.  Something like $5,000 in RV rental and mileage alone, and says nothing for fuel and the cost of travel and sightseeing.  But… a six week discovery-cation… bonding all the way.

We are totally doing this.  100%.  Stop me.


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  1. That looks very similar to the trip I did with my Dad during my first sabbatical. It only took 3 weeks total; including driving and stopping for a day or two at several places. So 6 weeks is more than enough time.

    Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon were the best places and I recommend staying as long as possible. (I only stayed one day at Grand Canyon and I wished I would’ve stayed longer)

    Mt. Rushmore and the Badlands were ok but I wouldn’t spend more than a day at either.

    Have fun!

  2. We may have to chat so I can get some of your intelligence. Been reading forums and websites but would like some personal experience to go on.

    Drink a liter for me in the tents, sad I’m not there.

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