sorry tumbling jumble

There was a rockslide on Mt. Drama this past week.  A sorry tumbling jumble of shock and surprise and sadness.  Dust hung thick in the air well into Friday.

Weary from breathing the ruin, Sharaun and I fled the choke and stink of it all and made tracks up into the mountains.  A coworker has a small cabin on Lake Tahoe and we stole to its broken-down charm.  We pulled up the shades and let in the sunlight and began forgetting about that pile of rubble just over and hour down the hill.  Passed the time playing Chutes and Ladders and sleeping in.  Had a couple good meals around town and had a quick run-in with nature where Keaton and I challenged a mound of granite.  On the way out of town we spread a blanket on a patch of green grass and had an outdoor lunch.

It’s a shame, but the relaxation didn’t even sink in until we were sitting on that blanket eating sandwiches in the sun-mottled shade.  Took that long to shake the weight from my shoulders, the act of winding-down.  I think Sharaun could tell; maybe I looked it.  She asked me, sitting there, “You want to just call in sick and stay another night?”  She smiled.  Neither of us could really do that, of course… and we knew it, but I think it was nice for both of us just to imagine it for a minute.

We bought some Christmas gifts for family.  I ate an omelet that positively dripped cheese.  Keaton went on a squirrel hunt.

And now we’re back.

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  1. John and I shot a squirrel over the weekend. It’s in a Safeway plastic bag in my trash. I could bring it by for Keaton if she’s interested. 🙂

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