high-jumping with a motorcycle

The blog is prophetic; we had a real storm last night – thunder and lightning and all. A rare occurrence here in Northern California, although you’d think I’d have gotten my fill back in Florida.

The coffin-sitter Halloween project is coming along nicely. I finished the base and sides of the coffin this afternoon – and did a rough-fit of everything to gauge the realism of the finished product. I also placed orders for the key pneumatic ingredients: the cylinder and the solenoid valve. I found both online. Spending a little time shopping around, I was able to get the parts quite a but cheaper than the place I initially intended to buy them from. Got the cylinder from a dedicated pneumatic store and the solenoid for a deep discount on Ebay. Friday, Ben and I went by the local goodwill and picked up the corpse’s burial suit and shoes, all for $20 no less. Apart from assembling the coffin itself and rigging up the pneumatics, the only missing ingredient is a nice creepy mask for the corpse himself. Oh, and I still have to finalize the triggering method – meaning, how and when will the corpse actually sit up out of his coffin.

I gotta find a way to cash in on this Kabbalah thing. I’m sure ancient Jewish mysticism would be incredibly interesting to me, it’s right up my alley. But, that wouldn’t stop me from making a buck off its sudden popularity. With celebrities eating it up, John “Lemming” Public is all over it. Have you seen the Kabbalah brand energy drink? What genius! Not only are they in on the energy drink thing, but the Kabbalah too? Now that’s marketing to your unapologetically idiotic demographic in its best. I just need one killer product; the perfect blend of Kabbalah, RSS, reality TV, low carb diets, pilates, TiVo, extreme sports, and podcasting. Masses of drooling retards would line up for that crap.

We’re going after the Red Bull market; but Kabbalah Energy Drink tastes better. And, it’s infused with Kabbalah water, which is holy water.

Kabbalah Energy Drink spokesman Darin Ezra

You gotta be kidding me… I need to get my Scientology butter and Mormon beef jerky to market ASAP before these idiots wake up. Wait, what am I saying… we breed idiots now, and teach them to embrace it at that! It’s a goldmine!

Over the past month, work has gone from autobahn to school-zone… leaving me confused and unmotivated. Just a little over a month ago, I was something important. I was making decisions and exerting influence. Now, I’m planning… years into the future. It’s still important work, and I know I’m still contributing – but it’s not front-lines and the difference in the reward I feel is significant. I suppose it’ll just take some adjustment before I’m comfortable with the new pace, or before the pace changes again to something more immediate-reward based. I’d just been doing the same thing in the same ways for so long, I got accustomed to coming in and having my head spin until I left… then going home and knowing I took care of shit. Now, I go in and sort of map out what needs to get done, at a very non-breakneck pace and quite meticulously. When I get home now, it’s hard for me to gauge just how I effected any bottom line. Thus the funk I’ve been speaking of. Oh, I’ve been through this before at work… the whole peaks and valleys thing, and it’s always the same. Feel a tinge of guilt in the lollygag pace of the valleys, and feel like Superman through the fast-paced peaks. So, my focus shifts to other things: babies, holidays, finances, etc. I suppose it’s pretty normal.

Y’know, when I wrote the post x-rated last week, I had it in my mind that I wanted to put something down that was a little explicit, a little uncharacteristic for me and for sounds familiar, and hopefully something well-written. I had one reader, whom I often see in person, mention to me that it was indeed quite explicit – which made me very happy, actually. Some part of me wants to write about things like that all the time, not necessarily sex stuff… but just stuff that comes from memory and bangs off my fingertips with ease. Stuff that people may not expect or stuff that is surprisingly open. It seems to me that, over the years, I’ve written so much down – but that there’s so much still unwritten which might make a good entry. I just have to reach down and find it, then put it down. After all, it’s why I started keeping a journal in the first place… to help my ailing memory one day – to be able to bring it all back. Selfish, I know.


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  1. Can Darin Ezra show proof that he is using Certified Kabbalah water? Is it similar to Certified Kosher? He sounds like a Big Time Con Man who’s taking Madonna down Rip Off Road. This guy is giving the Food & Beverage Industry a bad name. The Red Bull lawyers know all about him ( Mad Bull Energy Drink from South Africa ). What a Jerk!

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