ready for grey skies

I’m ready for some thunderstorms, for some grey skies.

Halloween-centric weekend. Spent time planning and beginning working on this year’s prop – the pneumatic sit-up coffin guy. When I made the decision to go air-powered this year, I needed to get an air compressor first. So, I headed over to Home Depot and picked up their cheapest and smallest, a 1.75gal for $99. I was happy with my frugal yet functional purchase. Then, Anthony called and said he’d seen a massive sale on compressors at another store, where there was a 21gal for $169. That’s 10x the capacity for less than 2x the price, not to mention a lot more oomph. So, from needing only a minimalistic compressor to run some Halloween props, I ended up with a massive beast capable of running full-out impact wrenches and air hammers and all sorts of other wife-wrath-inducing air tools.

I’ve always wondered about the “birds and bees.” No, I don’t mean I wonder about it like that, I think Lil’ Chino is enough evidence that I at least understand what is meant when one says “birds and bees.” What I mean is, I was never taught about sex via the birds and bees story – and to this day I have no idea how a story about bees, or birds, or the way they interact has anything to do with explaining sex. Even the great repository of knowledge that is the internet is kinda light on the details of how a story about birds and bees can be used to explain human reproduction. Anyone know how this story supposedly explains sex to a kid?

I have nothing more. Sorry.

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