maybe a reminder

Having been away from the first phase of my career for four years now, there are certain things I realize were positive about that environment which I didn’t really recognize or appreciate at the time.

For instance, having such easy access to an incredibly deep and wide diversity of thought. A huge pool of wisdom and opinion which I could tap to test ideas, both work and personal.

When it comes to most decisions, I really appreciate consensus, or at least the luxury of assimilating a varied set of thoughts from others. I feel like my best decisions have been made with the help of a crowdsourced set of input gathered from folks I respect and trust.

Here, I still do the same thing, but I feel like my pool of consultants is just a little less diverse, and gathering it takes more time since I’m not in the same building with literally hundreds of thought leaders on a daily basis.

Maybe a reminder that I need to be more intentional about it.

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