dinosaurs roaming the earth

...dinosaurs roaming the earth...
I’m so pumped. We’re going to see Radiohead tonight at the Shoreline Amphitheater. This will be the third time I’ve seen them, and each time has been outstanding. The first time I saw them, Sharaun and I drove all the way to LA and caught them at the Greek Theater, that was an amazing show (I think Sharaun was most excited because Brad Pitt was in the audience). The last time I saw them was also at the Shoreline. Both the Shoreline and the Greek Theater are these amazing amphitheater style outdoor venues, and it was so awesome to listen to and watch live Radiohead while looking up at the stars. If you can’t tell, I hold Radiohead up to be the musical torch-bearers of this generation. I think no other band is as talented at this moment, an no one is near as relevant or dynamic. Anyway, hopefully the show will live up to my expectations. You can read about the last time I saw Radiohead at the Shoreline (about halfway down the page). I’ll be taking pencil and paper again tonight to jot notes and setlist.

Yesterday was supposed to be “mow the lawn and build another rock sifter” day… but it ended up being “fall asleep on the couch after dinner and wakeup at 8pm” day. Not a bad trade, but not quite as productive either. Won’t get a thing done tonight either, with the show and all. I guess I’ll just have to hit the jungle-lawn tomorrow after work.

I’m off. Look for an update tomorrow on the show. It’s gonna be a late night tonight, the Shoreline is like 2.5hrs away, and I don’t expect Radiohead to even get on stage until 9ish….

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