the every-Sunday calcification

Stupid weather darkened today; some literary technique employed here could compare that to the every-Sunday calcification of my free spirit as I start thinking workweek.  Chill air and gray clouds taunt the memories of our week at the beach, and I toy with the idea of logging on and doing catching up on mail “just for an hour.”  Fight it.  A single second of a weekend spent trying to “catch up” on the week is a second wasted.  After all, that’s what the week’s for.

The baby is coming in eight weeks and we’ve done nothing.  I mean… we cleaned out Keaton’s “toy room,” otherwise known as the spare room, in anticipation of transforming it into the new nursery – but we’ve not done anything since.  Sharaun took some time choosing the bedding, and everything that I’m responsible for hinged on us having that as a point of reference.  Without the bedding in-hand to do color-matching, Sharaun says we can’t choose paint or furniture or other decorative items.  Until this past week we’ve just been in a state of waiting, having ordered the bedding stuff off eBay to save $20, but now we finally have the stuff and this coming week is going to be go-time for me.  Sharaun’s folks will be in town, and have mentioned that they’d like to help out as they may.

I’m hoping things come together soon… I’m simply feeling guilty about not preparing at all for this child.  For Keaton we did so much.  I know this must play out for most folks when it comes to any non-first child, after all there is a lot one learns simply by virtue of having been through something before.  But still, not having anything ready or prepared to receive this latest blessing feels a bit wrong.  In some ways I guess it feels this way because we actually already have a lot of things we’ll need – and don’t have to do out and do that “oh crap we needs a metric ton of baby gear” buying spree.  We also know what worked for us and what didn’t, so we know what we don’t need I suppose.

What’s that?… Kids aren’t all the same and what works for one may not work for another?  Poppycock.

I still want to have a room painted and some furniture arranged… even if he doesn’t sleep in a nursery right away.


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