that junk made me sad

Went to lunch yesterday with Jeff.  Stuck to Subway since I’ve gained back a shocking amount of weight over the last two months and I’m back to calorie-limiting.

While there a young mother and her younger boy caught my eye.  The were both sitting on the same side of the table while eating lunch.  The mother had two cellphones with her and appeared to be somehow manually transferring data between the two.  At least, that’s my guess.  Whatever she was about, she was most definitely engrossed.  To the point that she was simply ignoring her child.  I watched her several times as she snapped at the poor kid, who must have been about three years old, for beating on the table or climbing around or talking.

Sadly, for the very bored boy, the alternative to these things was to sit there, motionless and silent.  And sit he did; staring at the table with his little hands on his little knees.  About every ten minutes the poor little kid would forget he was invisible and he’d slip into normal mode and make some kind of noise.  But don’t worry, mom was on top of it.  She’s put down her phones and give him a stern, “I told you already, quit it!”  After which she’d go right back to her important business, and the kid would do his best to disappear.

Now that junk made me sad.


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  1. I hate when I see parents doing things like that. I can’t imagine a parent not wanting to try to interact with their kid. Unfortunately I see things like that way too much. Technology is cool and all, but you son/daughter is way cooler. There’s no app for that.

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