i love soup

It’s Tuesday night and Sharaun made a rockin’ southwestern chicken chipotle soup for dinner.

I love soup.  Sometimes I think I could eat soup all the time.  Nearly every one of my lunches, when taken at work, are comprised of soup and bread.  I love the primeval quality of soup as a way of preparing and presenting “food.”  I picture soup (and stew) as the third evolutionary step beyond first raw and later flame-cooked in formation modern cuisine.  For some reason I always go back to the mental picture I formed in my head as a kid reading The Lord of the Rings when Sam cooked Frodo the rabbit stew in Ithilien.  Such a good scene.

The baby is kicking now. Not that I can feel yet, but enough to get Sharaun’s attention. I looked back to my entries when Sharaun was pregnant with Keaton and was helped in remembering that I didn’t first feel her kick until about four months before she was born. If that’s any indication I should be able to feel what Sharaun’s already feeling in just another few weeks. In addition to that big milestone out on the horizon, an equally big one is looming even closer. I’m talking about the big boy/girl reveal which is scheduled for tomorrow morning (as you read this).  I thought about turning the whole blog from its standard green to either pink or blue for fun… but I haven’t done any stylesheet modification in preparation so I doubt it’ll happen.  More than likely I’ll just get trumped again by Sharaun posting on Facebook.  Maybe look there if you’re impatient.

Me, I’m excited.  For whatever reason I’m convinced that the good Lord’s gonna give us another girl.


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