head for the hills

Like the old days.How can this weekend be over already?  I need another couple days please…

Sometime on Friday Sharaun mentioned that she’d like to “get away” as a family over the long weekend.  Since we’d already made Saturday night St. Valentine’s Day plans (and were going to be kidless for the night thanks to friends), we decided, rather hastily, to steal away Sunday morning after church.  We’d head up to the mountains and stay in a little lodge overnight and spend Monday playing in the snow with Keaton.  There’s a mountain lodge up there that we used to go to back in the early days of our life together in California.

It was back in those early days… man, it really seems so long ago – before the house, before Keaton, before so much… that we found ourselves just the two of us for our first Thanksgiving and unsure what to do.  It seemed silly to cook a whole huge dinner just for the two of us, but both of us have such fond memories of family linked to the holiday that it also seemed silly just to do nothing.  In the end we settled on starting a “new” tradition by trying to find a nice place we could go spend a couple nights and get a nice home-cooked meal.  That’s how we found this place up in the mountains.  An former Pony Express stop hard on the side of the road up the mountain towards Tahoe, they offered rustic rooms and a package Thanksgiving meal deal.  We tried it that first year and fell in love with the place.  We did go for a few years running, but after that we had family visiting or were out of town ourselves.  Since then we’ve taken my folks there for a night I think, but we haven’t been much recently.

Sunday after church we got the snow gear together, threw some lunch stuff in a cooler, and packed a spare set of clothes.  We spent the weekend playing games in the room together, drinking hot chocolate, and enjoying some fine food at some of our favorite places in Tahoe.  Sharaun took some pictures of Keaton and I in the snow, and because I hardly post anything anymore in the way of images (and need to get in the habit for when baby #2 comes in July), here are some of them:

Yeah man I had a great time with them.  Was a fantastic weekend.


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